Losing Friends is just a part of growing up.

30 Mar

I was 11 years old when I first realised that friendship wasn’t that wonderful everlasting bond I always thought it was. My best friend (at the time) walked up to me and declared that we were no longer friends. That was the very moment I realised I was growing up, Leaving school and leaving friends.

I moved to High School then and made new friends, some came; and became close friends of mine, and some left, never to talk to me again. After High School I went to University. As I went to University alone without anyone I really knew I tried desperately to stay in touch with my friends back home while making new friends. However my friends back home became less and less bothered and eventually erased me from their lives and no longer got in contact. I was upset for probably a couple of hours and was soon distracted by the countless new friends I’d made and University social events I had to attend. Moving on in life and losing friends is like a snake shedding skin, it’s a part of life, it’s how you grow. Your new friends are your new skin and when it no longer fits you shed and grow new skin. Sad but true. 

Recently I left University. I met so many amazing people there and I really thought they would stick around and always be in my life. Having to leave Newport (where I went to uni) to move back home was heart breaking. No more events with the gang and fun times. Sitting in the sun with a cider exchanging random innuendos, gone. Thankfully for about 10 months I actually got letters, messages on Facebook and twitter and I even went to visit to keep up to date with everything. Then BOOM! My 22nd Birthday, something I really wanted to spend with my friends so I made an event on Facebook that had a few confirmations and comments saying how excited people were about attending. I traveled the 3 and a half hours to Newport by train. I had an amazing day with two of my friends, got back to where I was staying and suddenly a text came through. The jest of the text was that basically people had bailed and were not coming out. I had a few of these. I obviously got very upset that the people I thought so highly about could no longer be bothered to just come out for a few hours to spend my birthday with me. Not even an apology for upsetting me. Nothing. Just another lot of skin left to shed. Time to grow again.

Now I have finally realised it’s just another step, another chance to spread my wings, another chance to move on. I’m no longer going to fret about them, simply delete their presence from my life. They were obviously a huge part in my past but they are now just simply a lovely memory of a time spent with friend from years ago. The present and future shall be all about new friends I make on the next journey I take. My new skin.

Time to grow up AmberLeighJellyTea.

Time to Move on.

Over ‘n’ Out

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Trauma Flintsone

11 Mar

This is Trauma Flintstone to most of the world. He is a pretty outrageous drag act with a bloody fantastic name.

This is Trauma Flintstone to me. My very first car! It spent the first few weeks of my ownership sorn outside an ambulance station, so the name fits well! It’s also the biggest goddamn drama queen of a car i’ve ever met… an even better reason to name it after a rather flamboyant drag queen.

I’m pretty good at naming things…I give names to most things that appear to have a bit of character. Naming things has kind of become my forte, I named my sister’s car and a few other people’s cars too! Maybe I should start charging people for it as a kind of service? AmberLeighJellyTea Car Naming Service. Doesn’t really have a ring to it :/ Maybe I’ll just carry on naming things for free haha!

Basically this little blurb has no real reason other that getting to know the type of person I am (a strange person who names her first car after a drag queen) and learning how to write a half decent blog with a couple of pics thrown in. Success? Possibly.

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So I guess this officially makes me a wordpress noob?

9 Mar

Honestly have absolutely no idea of what I’m doing right now.
I suppose by having this it proves how much of a little technophobe I am, especially now that I’m at home without all my I.T literate mates.
Anyways I will no doubt write something half decent when I get my head around this thing… but for now this will have to do 🙂

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